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There were six skills: art, cooking, music, writing, athletic, driving, and various project skill items which were tied with specific themed collections.

Developing higher level skill levels allowed Sims to obtain new objects.

Each career consisted of 5 levels each with three sub-levels.

To advance in their given career players were required to submit appointments for various jobs.

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The Ninja trait was useful if the player had a larger house.

Inspired Sims earned more Simoleons when performing skill tasks.

Sims with a bad mood would not follow the directions of the player.

As with the original Sims games, The Sims Social lets the user create their own customizable character.

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In this version, however, the player uses their character to interact with those of their Facebook friends.In The Sims Social, Sims had needs, just as with other games in The Sims series.However, unlike other games in the series, Sims could not die.However, careers in The Sims Social were much different than those of previous Sim games.

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