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18-Feb-2017 05:28

Ecuador is one of the safest countries in South America and was listed in 2007 as a safer country to live in than the United States.Women play an important role in Ecuadorian society occupying a large part of the workforce and in 1929, Ecuador became the first Latin American country to grant equal voting rights to women.In the first week you will stay in a picturesque jungle town set at the junction of two rivers and occupied by troops of playful monkeys.

We will be transported by private coach to Misahualli where you will enjoy a light meal.Hiking, canoeing, tubing, visiting an Amazonian animal refuge, meeting with a Shaman (Witch Doctor) and more!To top it off we white water raft our way back to civilization.It is a predominantly Roman Catholic country with strong family values.

The people are patient, polite and friendly with visitors to Ecuador likely to make dozens of lifelong friends!Although a fortunate country in many ways, Ecuador is still a developing nation.An estimated 70% of Ecuadorians live below the poverty line with this figure much higher within the indigenous and remote communities.VESA is very proud of the progress of our young students.

Sep 19, 2015. A woman has been charged over claims she molested a child over a webcam while talking with a depraved police officer. Leigh Marcini, 37, is the third woman to be charged in connection with allegations made over a series of sickening sex crimes that are said to involve sergeant Alberto Randazzo, a New.… continue reading »

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