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16-Mar-2017 14:55

Someone that loves static scenery that includes huge blocks dyed with primary colours.

And that it spawned a spin-off that completely obliterates this one, which is Nurse Witch Komugi-chan.The only remarkable thing about it is it's spin-off and the thought of why on earth they made this anime and launched it.If you didn't think my review was helpful, please leave a message on my profile and explain why you thought my review wasn't helpful. At the beginning you might have a bad view of the anime as just an all killing, no story anime.Story: 1 At first glance the story seems quite interesting, however when I watched it, it quickly reminded me of several other anime and all originality of the story went completely down the drain.

It's basically an almost direct combination between Tekkaman Blade, The Guyver and the Devilman AVO.

Characters: 2 Same with the story, the characters are also a merger between the characters from Devilman, Tekkaman and Guyver.

This dark fantasy-adventure borrows elements from Evangelion and Gasaraki and presents them in the style of Lain. Kyosuke Date's life becomes a waking nightmare as he discovers that his mother was murdered, he is a powerful mutant, and fragments of his sister's soul have become humanlike creatures.… continue reading »

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The SoulTaker The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜, Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~ is an anime series that focuses on Kyosuke Date who was killed by his mother, and afterward gained the ability to turn into a monster known as "The SoulTaker". The show was Tatsunoko's first attempt at a more adult even by Japanese standards.… continue reading »

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Images and sounds of the characters from Soultaker. Voice actors images from the Soultaker voice cast.… continue reading »

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