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Only the maltesers which manage to make it to the end of the track while still rolling on the highest part are packaged, the others are crushed up and used to make more maltesers.This is to weed out the lumpy maltesers; apparantly they don't roll properly and end up at the bottom of the track.The pellets are then coated with chocolate and polished.The details are vague because the company wouldn't give me exact details!Each little droplet of chocolate dries almost immediately so you get the even coating.Small balls of malt are rolled over a flat surface of melted chocolate.

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The recipe included malt extract and milk which were cooked in a partial vacuum, firstly to reduce its water content then, to puff it up.The chocolate coating is the clever part - uniform coating with no evidence of spread caused by resting on a surface while the chocolate is drying.This is done by atomising the chocolate and 'spraying' it onto the honeycomb as the balls wing and roll their way through a vortex (tornado type thing).The trough, as I recall, has some kind of screw to cause a constant rotation of the cores, moving the product continually down the line, and gradually adding the chocolate coating.

At the end, they are given a pectin coating, and because of the rotation, self-polish. As a previous employee there, I can attest that the best Maltesers, unlike Mars bars, are the ones just off the polishing end of trough.

The inner crunchy part is made by making small pellets of a dough like mixture.