Superhero speed dating

28-May-2017 07:31

I had to write a much more broken man than I have ever been, so I tried to imagine how one of my best friends, a Marine, would handle certain situations if he were to suffer the same tragedies suffered by my main character.

When I look back and reflect now, and think about my dad’s response to certain problems and situations as they arose, both in our family, and in friendships, and in work, I see what a wise and well-rounded man he was as he raised me.

Leading such an interesting tour through life has given me the source material to write stories about all sorts of people.

When I was growing up, I was an artist and drew pictures all the time.

While I love to read thrillers; do research on current events, military, and religions; learn about martial arts; lift weights; watch movies and TV, and of course spend time with my family – my main goal in life is to reach the world for Christ, one reader at a time. The link to buy is HERE If you ever wanted to see a great comeback story, especially about a favorite character who is presumed dead… Although my first book tells one story about the main character, Robert Brady, Dead Memories tells the man’s story in a much deeper perspective, as a very tragic man has to learn who he is all over again. I wrote Dead Memories in response to so many comments and reviews referring to how much readers enjoyed the character or Robert Brady; so much so, the character earned his own series.

I just happen to include a lot of action along the way. And I love entering the mind of Robert Brady because he is such a strong reflection of one side of two coins I present in ALL my novels so far: One side of the coin sees radical Islam, and even Islam itself, as an opportunity to reach out to misinformed people, to tell them about the identity of Jesus Christ; the other side of the coin shows Islam itself as a danger to society and sees only one way to stop a threat – with force.

Hosted by a trained relationship consultant, speed dating is a facilitated event focused on single women, meeting and getting to know each other, making real connections, leading to meaningful relationships.

As with any first date, the object of a speed date is to determine if the person sitting across from you is someone you'd like to know better. The difference is. Who was your favorite superhero when you were little? Who is your. For more ideas about hosting a speed dating event, check out the resources on the next page.… continue reading »

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Baltimore Speed Dating. In “Movie 43,” Robin and Batman Justin Long and Jason Sudeikis, respectively attend a Superhero Speed Dating event. They had received a tip earlier that said Penguin John Hodgman was going to be there with a bomb. While there, Robin starts talking with Supergirl Kristen Bell, and as.… continue reading »

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Fairfield Cordelia Library to host speed-dating for seniors. By Daily Republic Staff. Speed dating is a fun, lively way to meet like-minded singles one-on-one and without commitment, according to a press release about the event. Whether you're. NFL star Jason Verrett plays big role as principal, superhero. FAIRFIELD.… continue reading »

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