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Seven children at the camp—Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, T.

K., and Joe—are each given an item that falls from an aurora in the sky, and are all swept off by a wave.

Tai knew she wasn’t gonna respond and began to walk away.

” Mimi: “Yeah, my dad owns this coffe shop.” Tai: “Wow, that’s cool.” Tai was beginning to get lost in her eyes. Tai and Mimi broke their kiss and were surprised to see her standing there. None of the Digimon except for Agumon has the strength to fight because they have not eaten.Tai is captured by Shellmon, and at which point Agumon suddenly evolves into Greymon and throws Shellmon into the ocean. Sora: “Well I moved here so I could see Tai, but when I went to see him he was…” She stopped and began to cry again. I think I need to speak to my brother.” TK nods in agreement and Kari took Sora back to the appartments. ” Yolie: “Definatly not the qualities of a good girlfriend.” TK: “What? ” Back at the appartment building, Mimi was giving Tai ice for the soar spot Sora left. Tai: “Look Kari, I know your gunna go all ‘mom’ on me so let me just say this in advance.

Yolie (panting): “Man…you two are…fast.” Kari: “TK, we’ll catch up later. ” Mimi: “Um, I’ll catch you later Tai.” Mimi walked out the door and shut it on her way out.

The group leave the beach and find themselves in the middle of a territorial confrontation between two Monochromon, escaping unharmed as they come across a trolleycar by a lake around dusk.

Tai and Sora's friendship has faded since she began to date Matt and with high school almost. Chapter 1Two Years of Hurt. Ever since Sora started dating Matt.… continue reading »

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Jul 14, 2012 This is why the escapist is going to shit. That came out of nowhere. Everything was leaning towards Tai and Sora. Even when she was dating Matt.… continue reading »

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Dec 02, 2009 Im a big Sorato Fan that doesnt mean i hate Taiora, Mimato, Taito or any other. Tai & Sora- Apologize - Duration. Charmed20077 85,304 views.… continue reading »

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List of Digimon episodes and films. Digimon is a popular Japanese media and merchandise created by Bandai. Tai and Sora come to the rescue.… continue reading »

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