Teacher accused of dating student adminstrator

04-Jan-2017 07:27

Morehead's black BMW was also seized by Rankin county authorities.

"We seized his car got a search warrant for his car," said the Sheriff. We made it to the point we need to arrest this guy.

She claims he enticed her daughter into a sexual relationship when she was 13 years old.

The teacher faces 1 count of statutory rape charges in Rankin county.

Cameron says she got a call from Ace Academy to let her know they were disciplining her son, who is a special needs student.

“I inspected my son and he’s covered in bruises and welts,” she said.

A Catholic high school teacher is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a student from the same high school she graduated form.

Theresa Hrindo, 25, taught graphic design part-time at Roselle Catholic High School, reported.

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According to the lawsuit, the relationship began in J. Notre Dame HS teacher accused of fondling student in classroom After the games, Ratner asked J. to come back to her apartment to "relax," and she would make him a cold drink, the suit said. D.) was having family issues, i.e., parents going through a divorce, (Ratner) would use that information under the guise of emotional support," the suit said. told Fink that he was "in love" with Ratner at the time and that she was married but the two kept the relationship a secret, according to the psychiatric report.

"I don't want to interfere with anybody else's investigation, but yes we are communicating with them and yes there is the possibility there are other charges pending against him in other jurisdictions," said Sheriff Bailey.

The young students' mother, who we will not identify, said Willie Morehead met her daughter last year at Siwell and befriended her.

D.'s junior year with a simple question Ratner asked during a Spanish class. During one of the apartment visits, Ratner kissed the 16-year-old, instigating what became a routine of regular sexual encounters, the suit said.

teacher accused of dating student adminstrator-85

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– A school administrator in Georgia is in jail, accused of beating a 9-year-old special needs student.Ratner was 25 years old at the time, according to a psychiatric report by Dr. East Windsor Regional School District Superintendent Richard Katz said the administration was recently notified of the allegations and took action. Though the sexual relationship stopped in the 1990s, "(Ratner) continued to exercise her control and dominion over (J. He also said Ratner's family was, "like my family," and that he had a hand in helping to raise her children, the report said. Fuggi said delayed reporting of abuse is not unusual, especially when the victim is young. The statute of limitations for civil litigation - normally two years in a case like this - is essentially paused if the victim suffers physical or mental problems and has not realized the scope of the abuse, Fuggi said. began to realize that the emotional problems he was experiencing were a result of his time with Ratner, the suit said. started to have intense and frequent panic attacks as soon as he began a master's degree in counseling in 2013."The person in question was placed on administrative leave with pay pending further investigation," he said in an email Ratner did not respond to phone message and attempts to reach her house over the last several days. D.'s attorney, Robert Fuggi, said his client has never previously reported the sexual relationship and only recently came to realize that Ratner took advantage of her position as a teacher and that the nine-year relationship represented sexual abuse. played and she asked the teen to play with her at her apartment complex, the lawsuit said. "The statute doesn't begin to run until he understood he was a victim of sexual abuse," Fuggi said. "At some point he came to the realization that this wasn't a normal relationship," Fuggi said. He had to be hospitalized and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder.The teacher is accused of taking her to a public park in Rankin county.