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This will allow us to train in the morning, while also maximizing the positive effects of fasting. While this may go against grandma’s better judgment, it is important to reiterate that breakfast is no more important than any other meal.

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By limiting our eating periods in such a regimented manner, we can become obsessive.Caffeine has been shown to cause substantial increases in our metabolic rate, and is also known to blunt hunger.So by consuming black coffee during our fasting periods, we can further increase the fat burning effects associated with intermittent fasting, while also reducing staving off feelings of hunger.Now, before we go over the optimal methods of intermittent fasting, it is important to cover how it actually benefits us in regards to promoting fat loss.

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After a period of fasting, two key changes occur within the body that create an optimal environment for fat loss: Firstly, the levels of insulin in the blood drop significantly.While there multiple different approaches to intermittent fasting, it ultimately describes periods of eating broken up by extended periods of fasting. Intermittent fasting capitalizes on the hormonal changes that occur when the body is in a fasted state to maximize fat loss, by extending this fasting period.While this may sound unusual, it is important to note that we ultimately fast every single night when we sleep. Some intermittent fasting protocols recommend extending this fasting period by a few hours, where others may even recommend a few days.During the night we abstain from eating (although it is somewhat forced), and then break our fasting period in the morning with breakfast (breaking our fast… For active guys like you and me, who regularly undertake gym based exercise, we can manipulate the concepts of intermittent fasting to maximize our fat loss, while also retaining (and often even building) muscle tissue.

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