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“David, a few of us are working on this concept we’re referring to as ‘inter-circuit encapsulated packaging’.

We think it might enable a new power delivery architecture for microprocessors.

I reflect every day about how lucky I am…for everything you passed on to me.

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But you understand that if you can truly deliver a novel chip package for the microprocessor industry, your biggest problem will be business…you’re go-to-market. He would have a better appreciation of how you might be able to build a business out of this.” And that was it. Of course Jack would take a look at something that David recommended he investigate.We founded INCEP Technologies in 1999, with the vision of disrupting the computer industry.We would develop a new microprocessor package with companies like Intel and AMD.The industry of connected devices is growing at a breakneck speed and consumers are getting more and more excited as they learn about the ever-expanding possibilities.