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14-Jul-2017 12:44

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He dances a Martial Arts/Stepping/Animation routine with Brandon Mitchell and Cole Horibe.

The piece was danced to "Revolve" by Nathan Lanier and choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Mary praised Cyrus that even though Eliana outdanced him in some parts, he brought in his "own kind of swag".

Guest judges Michael Nunn and Bill Trevitt explain how they're a bit of an advantage because they had never seen the original routines.

In the package, the dancers must describe themselves in nine seconds.

Cyrus is paired up with Eliana Girard and assigned a broadway by Tyce Diorio to "Run and Tell That" by the original Broadway cast of Hairspray.

This week's theme required dancers to perform past routines by Mia Michaels.

She makes note that although his transitions were rough, his feet weren't quite there, his footwork was apart, and his posture wasn't perfect, she loved the fact that Cyrus was there for Eliana throughout the entire dance.

Guest judge Adam Shankman thought it was amazing that Cyrus got through all the footwork, even though it wasn't perfect.

During the results, Cyrus was announced safe due to his broadway in Week 1.

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In the package, the dancers must reveal something America doesn't know about their partners.

Nigel praises Cyrus, telling him that even though he is great at what he does, he is still not yet a great dancer but he loves that Cyrus gives himself 100% for the routine.

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