Updating album artwork on ipod touch safe dating network org

18-Oct-2017 14:55

Delete the Cache folder and reopen i Tunes to regenerate the cache.

If that doesn't work, run "%appdata%\Apple Computer" and delete the i Tunes folder.

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If you open the Info page for a song and see the cover displayed at the top of the page, click "OK" and the art should work correctly.

Right-click a picture of the artwork and save it to your computer.

Try to find a picture at least 500-by-500 pixels large to avoid a grainy image on your i Phone.

Select the album in i Tunes, press "Ctrl-I" to open the Info page and switch to the "Artwork" tab. After adding the art in i Tunes, you can safely delete the file you downloaded.

As a shortcut, right-click an image on the Web, copy it, select the missing album cover on the info page and press "Ctrl-V" to paste.

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