Updating an unlocked iphone

13-Jun-2017 00:23

Instead, you actually pay off the remaining cost of the device over the course of your two-year contract.

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The biggest reason you’d want to unlock your phone is to increase the number of carriers you can use. First, if you’re the jet-setting type, you can switch to another available wireless service provider to avoid roaming fees when you’re traveling.

An unlocked phone will look identical to a locked phone, however.

Nothing in the phone’s settings or elsewhere will tell you if your phone is locked.

That means you can switch carriers when you see an opportunity for better rates or service.

If you dread calling customer service or can’t handle any more dropped calls, this should make you jump for joy.

A quick search of your carrier’s website should tell you the details. The CRTC just announced that as of December 1st, 2017, unlocking your phone will be free and any new phones sold will have to be sold as unlocked. The only way to unlock your phone is through your carrier. Unlocking works by the carrier contacting Apple, Apple verifying the unlock, and then the carrier officially recording the phone as no longer locked to their network.