Updating cpu

05-Jun-2017 23:08

This tutorial is for people that are willing to replace their CPU by a faster one but don’t have a clue on what CPUs their system supports.In this tutorial we will list all CPU models you can install on your system without replacing your current motherboard.Windows 7 will not only automatically detect the model of your CPU, but will also download and install the newest drivers for your CPU once you begin the update process.

If you don’t have your motherboard manual, please read our tutorial How to Find Out Your Motherboard Manufacturer and Model.

So how do I update my bios without being able to use my CPU?

Note that this will be my first build so I won't have any CPU to install the new BIOS.

Specs: Old AMD Athlon 64 LE-1640 2.70 Ghz Spec: New AMD Athlon X2 ADO540BIAA5DO 2.80 Ghz ( Spec: Ram 4 GB Mainboard Nvidia Ge Force 6100 and Graphics Card Nvidia n Force 405 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit I would like to update new cpu that I installed (by myself).

This page contains information about installing the latest CPU driver downloads using the CPU Driver Update Tool.You can only replace your CPU with another CPU that uses the same socket.Otherwise you will need to replace also your motherboard (and maybe other components, like memory, if your new motherboard requires a different kind of memory, for example).CPU drivers are tiny programs that enable your CPU hardware to communicate with your operating system software.