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16-Oct-2017 01:01

Each of these is discussed throughout this article. Along with these task sequences and the many scripts and tools that MDT provides, the resources for a Windows deployment (driver files, application installation files, and image files) are stored in a network share known as the .

You can download and find out more about MDT at Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

By leveraging the many technologies and tools available from Microsoft, you can create a process that requires only a single touch on the devices being deployed.

The automation can load the deployment environment; format the device; prepare an updated Windows image with the drivers required for the device; apply that image to the device; configure the Windows environment with licensing, membership in a domain, and user accounts; install applications; apply any Windows updates that were not included in the reference image; and log out.

When the process is complete, the Surface device will be ready for use by the end user.

You can customize this process to include your own applications and configuration to meet the needs of your organization.

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You can also find these files in the disk image (ISO file) for Windows 10, which you can download from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).An alternative to the reimaging process is an upgrade process.The upgrade process is non-destructive and instead of erasing the existing environment on your Surface device, it allows you to install Windows 10 while retaining your user data, applications, and settings.The deployment process described in this article leverages a number of Microsoft deployment tools and technologies.

Some of these tools and technologies are included in Windows client and Windows Server, such as Hyper-V and Windows Deployment Services (WDS), while others are available as free downloads from the Microsoft Download Center.

Although MDT is the tool you will interact with most during the deployment process, the deployment tools found in the Windows ADK perform most of the deployment tasks during the deployment process.

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