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27-Jan-2017 03:01

However, please note that if your project is also in the Eclipse workspace, it would make no difference if you just select a "workspace" entry in the "add dependency" dialog.

updating maven-42

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Do you have your projects in public source repository that we can access? regards, Eugene --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: I see - the snapshots do present a tricky case.

Although I did not have so much tpme to dig it in, if m2eclipse and subversion is used together in the same work space then startup initialization ends up with deadlocks, both trying to acquire semaphores.

Regards, Hasan Ceylan Hasan, are you using Subclipse 1.2?

I have a workspace with three level depth, projects are *not* flat top project has the team nature projects are imported using import maven projects...

Regards, Hasan Ceylan I think I have a clue on this issue...I have imported an ESB project (General-existing project to work space), but after loading eclipse starts Updating Maven Dependencies infinitely.I tried to build the project through console, with mvn build command and there the project built successfully, but I have absolutely no idea why maven plugin giving problem here in eclipse? If so, please read note in installation reqs page [1] or better update to Subclipse 1.4 If you see this with Subclipse 1.4, can you take a thread dump of Eclipse JVM process [2] and send it to us.These are the majority of plugins that reside within central. Maven plugins are themselves a special type of artifact.

Quick Overview. The settings element in the file contains elements used to define values which configure Maven execution in various ways, like the pom.… continue reading »

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