Updating older hf amplifier

20-Feb-2017 05:36

I wanted to include several cameras for the flight, both video cameras and still cameras for downloading live to the ground during the flight.Having tried several different action cameras in the past, my current favourite is the Gitup Git2 camera – reliable, inexpensive and plenty of options in the firmware.I decided to place each Pi in its own Hobbycraft box.The Zeroes are very small of course and even with an AA powerbank there was space to fit a video camera with its own powerbank inside the box: Next came the main Pi, with its own camera, 3G (later removed due to insufficient power from the powerbank) and UBlox USB GPS, all inside 2 of the same boxes glued together: Finally, I added a backup tracker in case the main one failed for any reason, and to provide a programmed cutdown to prevent the flight drifting too far: There was one last thing to do – my Revell model isn’t identical to the version that NASA flew, and most prominently was missing a camera.

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I also chose to launch later in the day than planned, which meant I didn’t need to overfill the balloon so much to keep it away from the sea.

January 1, 2018 - We have resumed our normal LP-500 / 700 schedule today.