Updating remote sql database with dbase

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The unix ODBC that comes with Red Hat appears to have been built with After you have registered your ODBC data source, the external ODBC data is then available to Open Office applications.This example shows how to connect Calc to ODBC databases such as Mssql, Oracle®, Inter Base and Sybase. A Data Pilot is an interactive table that enables you display data in more than one way.Libre Office was initially derived from the Open source code.This article describes how to use Open Office / Libre Office / Open applications (Base databases and Calc spreadsheets) to access ODBC databases for which an ODBC driver is available.To follow the examples in this section, create a SQL Server ODBC driver or OOB data source that connects to a SQL Server instance that serves the Northwind database.Alternatively, create an OOB data source that points to an Microsoft Access ODBC data source for the Northwind database.After you have created your data source and tested it with isql, you can use it from Open applications such as Base, Calc and Writer. As a result, odbcinst is in /usr/bin/odbcinst and is in /usr/lib.OOB distributions before do not expect to find unix ODBC in these places and will ask if you have unix ODBC installed and where it is.

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The Apache Open Office productivity suite was previously known as Oracle® Open Office and Open To use an Easysoft ODBC driver with Open Office.org, ensure that the unix ODBC Driver Manager is installed and that the Easysoft ODBC driver is installed as an ODBC driver under unix ODBC.If unix ODBC is not installed already, install the version that comes with the Easysoft ODBC driver distribution.You can use the query to selectively retrieve the data you want before importing it into Calc.

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This section shows how to use a Base query and a Calc Data Pilot to create a sales report from external ODBC data that shows how well sales representatives are doing and which products are selling the most.You can manipulate the rows and columns in a Data Pilot table to view or summarise the data in different ways for the purposes of analysis.Data Pilots also allow you to apply spreadsheet functions to the data.At the time of testing (using Open 2.3.0), datetime values will not import into a Data Pilot table.