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01-Aug-2017 14:55

The trick is to create a variable for the lookup, containing both the ID of the target field and the lookup field the list is using, in my instance the Title field: Fantastic!

Now I just needed to update my Mapping file to include the ID field, and I away I went…

And more importantly kept in mind the overall process needed when multiple versions of a BIOS Update may be required (from A01 to Axx).

With this new script, I’ve introduced some new “features” Dell_Using this with OSD/MDT I’m not going to go over the script in its entirety here, however I will put out a few things specifically for using the “OSD” version of the script.

Here is all the code you need to update a lookup field, based on the above lookup list: #Load Assembly / Set Variables [system.reflection.assembly]:: Load With Partial Name("Microsoft.I also found Powershell specific info on the issue difficult to come by, and although plenty of blogs on the process in C# were around, these didn’t clear things up completely because I am not a developer…So, I will show the code in Powershell and then how I used it.Sharepoint") | out-null $url = "https://yoururl" #URL of the Site/Subsite you are working with $list = "Documents" #List/Document library name $in = ".\Mapping File.csv" #Mapping file containing name of file to be updated, id, and title of lookup field $out = ".\Output.csv" #This just to capture the fields I am changing.

This is no longer something new. It is still one of the very handy ways to update the data in SQL database, despite it is SyBase, MS SQl or Oracle.… continue reading »

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