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Political scientist Brendon O'Connor of the United States Studies Centre suggests that anti-Americanism cannot be isolated as a consistent phenomenon and that the term originated as a rough composite of stereotypes, prejudices and criticisms evolving to more politically based criticism.

French scholar Marie-France Toinet says use of the term anti-Americanism "is only fully justified if it implies systematic opposition – a sort of allergic reaction – to America as a whole".

by the BBC World Service of 19 countries, 4 countries rated U. influence positively, while 14 leaned negatively, and 1 was divided.

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James Ceaser has noted that the denouncement of America as inferior to Europe was in part motivated by the German government's fear of mass emigration; de Pauw was called on to convince the Germans that the new world was inferior.The latest observational study involving coffee's role in cancer prevention and treatment underlines the need for more research, according to the team.Scientists at Harvard Medical School have found that women who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have a 20 per cent lower risk of developing the most common form of skin cancer compared to those who had less than one cup per month.He asserted that, "the earth, full of putrefacation, was flooded with lizards, snakes, serpents, reptiles and insects".

Drinking two cups of coffee a day could stop breast cancer recurring in recovering patients, new research has revealed. Combined with the anti-cancer drug.… continue reading »

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Anti-Judaism is the "total or partial opposition to Judaism — and to Jews as adherents of it — by persons who accept a competing system of beliefs and practices.… continue reading »

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