White women resentment of east asian women and dating disparity Best sites for free adult video chat random strangers

04-Apr-2017 01:43

Back in August I posted a column titled "How do you say 'Yobbo' in Vietnamese?

" in which I speculated that a lot of knee-jerk racism towards Asians seemed to be dissolving as the new generation of Asian-Aussie kids developed thick local accents.

It is what ever is in your back yard and we have more attractive asian women in Australia.

I am of Asian origin, but grew up in Australia and spent my early adulthood there.

The white stereotypes of asian males include geek, nerd and small phallus permeate western society.

It is not cool to be an asian male nor be associated with one.

In fact, as far as I know two of them have never dated an asian girl.

Back in August, blogger Brunette suggested it "may be because Caucasian men are seen as more 'masculine' so it's a bit of a status symbol for Asian girls to date or marry them." "Conversely, I think Caucasian men tend to see Asian women as more 'feminine', petite and even more compliant and submissive than their Caucasian counterparts." Blogger Lady Lips chimed in saying it may be because Asian men are generally more diminutive and "it's just not sexy for a chick to go out with someone who is smaller than her." "We like to feel all petite next to our big, broad boyfriends, not like an elephant next to our teeny tiny boyfriends." Poster Qwerty also suggested media stereotyping had a role to play saying "white guys are 'cool', Asian guys are 'nerdy' and Asian girls are 'exotic'.I now have more than 300 unanswered emails and no hope of catching up.So I'm instituting a no-reply policy because I'm sick of feeling guilty about it. - Sam de Brito - More of All Men Are Liars - More I dated a great asian boy when i was studying at Monash Uni. I am northern italian, but my parents never disapproved of him at all.Many of the people who posted expressed joy someone had written a positive article about integration, citing the profusion of mixed-race relationships in Australia as further proof of our growing tolerance.

However, a number of readers highlighted an anomaly when it came to Asians dating 'white' Australians.

My question is this - why is it okay for asian families to want their children to date with in their race, but this is not okay for white people.