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And yet, remembers Tammy, “he didn’t deny anything.He looked at me and swallowed, and his voice broke, and he said, ‘I’m in too much trouble.Until I know what happened to her, it isn’t over for me.” As it stands, chances are she never will know.Hughes has admitted nothing, and the prosecutor based his case on sophisticated forensic evidence—including clothing fibers and hair strands—which he claimed proved Melissa had been in Hughes’s car the night she disappeared.And yet, she says, “there’ll be a shadow or a sound, and I think it’s Melissa coming home.” She sighs, the smoke from her cigarette stinging her weary eyes, and adds, “You can believe anything you want in order to get you through each day.” Last month, in Fairfax County (Va.) Circuit Court, Caleb Hughes, 25, a slight, former grounds keeper, sat expressionless as the verdict was delivered: guilty of abduction with intent to defile.

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'He came back sooner than we thought so I left her room and got in another part of the house.

Then I wake up in the morning thanking God that at least the worst didn’t happen. TAMMY BRANNEN, January 1990 IT IS TESTAMENT TO THE ANGUISH OF the past 17 months that for Tammy Brannen, finding her daughter dead might no longer be the worst that could happen. “If I look at the evidence, there’s only one conclusion I come up with,” she says, alluding to the unbearable probability that her daughter, who has not been seen since she vanished from a Christmas party (PEOPLE, April 9, 1990) in 1989, is no longer alive.

I've stopped living in a way. I lie awake and pray night after night. I fall asleep thinking tomorrow is… continue reading »

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They're STILL on! Anna Duggar is seen with disgraced husband Josh at Jinger's wedding despite rumours she's ready to divorce him. By Heidi Parker For… continue reading »

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The Duggar family dating - sorry, courting - rules have been well documented. But the guidelines for their uber-conservative, religious lifestyle extend well beyond that.… continue reading »

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The Duggar family has found themselves involved in yet another sex scandal after it was revealed that their live-in tutor is engaged to a man who was convicted of.… continue reading »

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