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After that the time service will not do anything -- or run at all -- until the Task Scheduler starts it again.

I suspect if you modify the Special Poll Interval value and change the Synchronize Time task frequency then it might work, but that is difficult to verify.

(If you want to test it manually, note that the command requires administrator rights and that the service may need to be started.) It's easy to set up a scheduled task which ensures the Windows Time service is available and then runs W32/resync once a day, or as often as you like: The task will have two actions. The first action does the same as the original Synchronize Time task and ensures the Windows Time service is running.

The second action makes the actual time sync happen.

If you’re not a part of a domain and still want to update your clock automatically, you can right click the clock found on the tray area on the lower right of your screen and choose "adjust time/date".

Click on the Internet Time tab, then select the "Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server" checkbox.

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In that situation it's still up to the Windows Time service when to actually performs a sync, which will be once per week.As far as I can tell, the registry value changes how often the time service wants to sync but only applies when time service is actually running.When the time service runs is controlled by the Windows Task Scheduler, not the registry value, and (at least on Windows 7) when the service runs it exits immediately after performing any required work.You might also want to use a closer NTP server (e.g. (Note that the Date and Time control panel will still say the next synchronization is a week away.

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