Wrt610n validating identity

07-Jan-2017 21:50

I'm also having troubles with Free RADIUS on this version as of right now.

I did however do a reset to factory defaults when upgrading with the new firmware.

) I found that Free Radius server no longer works after I upgrade from r23350 to r23430 (but without reset) as notebook tells me the authentication server is unresponsive.

Should I spend some time to diagnose it or simply reset the settings?

Don't know if this will help, but I have been using DD-WRT since 2008 on a bunch of different appliances, and have not encountered the problem you are describing.

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When exporting devices I also get the same header as attached.Could anyone explain how to check if Free Radius server is running or not?(Or use /bin/ps and scroll through the list for Free Radius is enough for the purpose?My problem could be with the steps I used to configure Free RADIUS (maybe the wrong order).

I can't remember but I might have erases JFFS after FR was set up.

I also tried to change the header so its all in one column, but with same result.

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