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Hi, We are working with XML schemas and writing a custom validator for each schema is a major overhead.NET Core it would be great if the current XSD 1.1 release could be supported as it offers support for assertions, which improves XSD validation a lot.NET Framework gave you some capable tools for validating XML data.

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Schema Class Xml Schema Validator Examples Shared Sub Main() ' The XML document to deserialize into the Xml Serializer object. Create("contoso Books.xml") ' The Xml Serializer object. The Xml Value Getter can be used to pass the value of attribute, text, or white-space nodes as a Common Language Runtime (CLR) types compatible with the XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) type of the attribute, text, or white-space node.

Dim schema Set As Xml Schema Set = New Xml Schema Set() schema Set. Shared date Time Getter Content As Object Shared Function date Time Getter Handle() As Object Return date Time Getter Content End Function Shared Function date Time Getter(By Val date Time As Date Time) As Xml Value Getter date Time Getter Content = date Time Return New Xml Value Getter(Address Of date Time Getter Handle) End Function , see the Xml Value Getter, and Xml Schema Validator class reference documentation. For more information, see the "Validation Context" section of this topic.

Deserialize(reader), Contoso Books) ' The Xml Schema Set object containing the schema used to validate the XML document. To validate this Date Time object returned by the Xml Value Getter, the Xml Schema Validator object first converts it to the Value Type (Value Type is the default CLR mapping for the XSD type) for the data type of the attribute and then checks facets on the converted value. Validate End Element(null); Note The results of the Get Expected Particles, Get Expected Attributes, and Add Schema methods of the Xml Schema Validator class are dependent on the current context being validated.

The Xml Schema Validator class can be used in advanced scenarios such as building validation engines over custom XML data sources or as a way to build a validating XML writer. Name Table) ' Assign a Validation Event Handler to handle schema validation warnings and errors. Title) ' Validate the author element, verify that all required attributes are present ' and prepare to validate child content. Upon successful validation, properties of the Xml Schema Info object are set with the results of the validation. Validate Element("namespace", "", Nothing) validator. Add(null, "schema.xsd"); Xml Namespace Manager manager = new Xml Namespace Manager(reader. Validate End Of Attributes(null); foreach (Xml Schema Element element in validator. The Get Expected Attributes method returns an array of Xml Schema Attribute objects containing the expected attributes in the current element context.

The following is an example of using the Xml Schema Validator class to validate the Imports System Imports System. Dim validator As Xml Schema Validator = New Xml Schema Validator(reader. For example, upon successful validation of an attribute using the Validate Attribute method, the Xml Schema Info object's (if specified) Schema Attribute, Schema Type, Member Type, and Validity properties are set with the results of the validation. Name Table); Xml Schema Validator validator = new Xml Schema Validator(reader. For example, in the example in the introduction, the Get Expected Attributes method is used to retrieve all the attributes of the element.

VB code that performs the validation ==================================== Try 'Create the XML fragment to be parsed.